Offender Supervision

GPS Monitoring

Glossary of Terms

The Department’s Intelligence Tracking and Communications (ITAC) Center was established in September 2007 as a 24/7 operation for the first-line notification of GPS alerts. The ITAC is responsible for assessing alert information generated by GPS monitoring equipment statewide and determining the initial response in a timely manner. The ITAC triages all alerts and works each alert according to established Department protocol and policy. The ITAC is located within SLED’s SC Information and Intelligence Center in Columbia.

If there is a need to report any Sex Offender/GPS issues during a time of emergency, please call the GPS Operations Center ITAC at 1-800-263-7191.

Click here to reference our Sex/GPS Offender Emergency Response Plan. 


GPS Device on Ankle

What Are the Advantages of GPS in Community Supervision?

  • GPS is a relatively inexpensive alternative to incarceration for high risk offenders.
  • GPS allows offenders an opportunity to continue working in the community, paying taxes, supporting their families and living at home.
  • Using GPS, Agents can create an "electronic perimeter" around specific areas designating them as "off limits" to offenders. These are called "exclusion zones" or "hot zones."
  • Victims can be notified when offenders enter their established perimeters.
  • The features and reliability of GPS equipment can be a deterrent to future criminal activity.